Copper Re-Piping

Copper Re-Piping

Copper RePiping

Copper Re-Piping is a major home repair project and not a project that is for the average do-it-yourselfer. It can be expensive and time consuming, and requires professional assistance. However, the results are worth it. If you do it right, it can result in a water system that is more efficient and runs cooler.

PEX re-piping

If you want to change the water supply in your house, there are a few different options for PEX re-piping of copper. First, consider the cost. Copper pipes are generally more expensive than PEX. While you can choose to replace a few sections that are noticeable to your eye, re-piping the entire house is the best option for long-term problems. Copper piping utilizes all copper and brass components, making it durable for many years.

Another consideration is location. Copper piping is ideal for indoor and outdoor plumbing. It also meets construction codes for residential and commercial buildings. However, if copper is not the best option for a home or business, PEX re-piping may be a good choice. Copper is also suitable for new constructions.

In addition to cost savings, PEX pipes also have other advantages. Installing PEX pipes is easier than installing copper pipes. plumbing contractor For example, you can use a push-fit connector to repair a leaky section of copper pipe, or you can replace an entire section of exposed copper with PEX.

Another benefit of PEX piping is its flexibility. It requires fewer fittings and can stretch and constrict without breaking. This makes it perfect for places that are hard to reach with copper pipes. It also makes installation a breeze, especially in small apartments. PEX piping is also environmentally friendly and does not leach toxic materials into the water supply.

Once the copper pipes are replaced with PEX, you need to connect the copper fixture supply lines to the PEX supply line. For these, you can use a PEX push-fit tee-fitting. The connectors are made of flexible polyurethane, which makes them more convenient to use than copper piping. PEX can also be used in commercial properties.

Choosing between copper and PEX for piping your home is a major decision that you should make carefully. Copper pipes last between 25 and 100 years. It is recommended that you contact a licensed plumber before making the decision. Copper pipes should last for decades, and PEX will prevent costly leaks and costly repairs.

Copper re-piping can be costly and time consuming, but there are ways to reduce the costs and ensure quality. A qualified plumber can make the transition and save you money. Copper and PEX re-piping specialists can help. They can complete the repiping project quickly and provide the best prices. A repipe specialist can often repipe a home for half the price of a normal plumber, who does not specialize in PEX re-piping.

The cost of PEX pipes is approximately one-third of that of copper, which means you can save hundreds of dollars in new construction projects. PEX pipes are also flexible, so they can easily navigate around the fixtures.

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