5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are an essential appliance that keeps water away from your property. Like any plumbing appliance, sump pumps require occasional maintenance and repairs. Eventually, they’ll need to be replaced. According to the United States Department of Housing and Development, your sump pump should be replaced about every ten years. So, how do you know it’s time for a replacement? Let’s discuss!


5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump


If you have a sump pump, watch for the following signs that it’s time for a replacement:


1.   Unusual Sounds


If you hear unusual sounds coming from your sump pump, other than the typical humming sound you hear when it’s usually working, there may be an issue with your sump pump. In most cases, unusual sounds occur because of a broken, cracked, or damaged part. Loud, vibrating sounds typically indicate an issue with the impeller. This can be caused when excess debris builds up in your pump. In most cases, you’ll need to replace your sump pump. Contact a reliable local plumber to check your appliance and determine whether you need repairs or replacement.


2.   Switch and Float Arm Issues


Your sump pump requires the float arm and on/off switch to work smoothly for the best results. When there is an issue with either of these parts, it can cause burnout with your motor. When your pump shifts inside the basin, your float arm mechanism can be disrupted, causing your pump to operate continuously. Faulty wire, excessive power outages, and issues with your pump switching on and off frequently can also disrupt its normal function. If you want your pump to handle your water capacity effectively, you will need to contact your local plumber at the first sign of float arm or switch issues.



3.   Rusting


The most common cause of rust comes from corroded battery terminals. When your battery terminals wear out, you may notice a gel-like substance building up on the outside of your sump pump. This can disrupt the water flow and clog your pipes. As the drainage system is impacted, you can also experience issues with your sump pump. If you have rust on or around your sump pump, you need to contact your local plumber immediately for repairs.


4.   Signs of Aging


If you have used your sump pump for more than ten years, it might be time for a replacement. While some sump pumps fail sooner, taking good care of your appliance can ensure you get the most extended life out of your pump. Talk to your local plumber to decide whether it’s time to replace your pump if it is around ten years old.


5.   Your Pump Stops Working


Pumps stop working for a variety of reasons. This includes faulty wiring, power issues, clogged hoses, motor failure, and more. If your pump stops working entirely, it might be time for a replacement.


When pumps aren’t correctly installed, they can run continuously even if there is no water in the pit. This leads to early burnout of your motor. If you want to get the longest life out of your pump, make sure it’s installed by a professional who has experience with sump pumps. On the contrary, pumps that require ongoing use for heavy water issues can also require early replacement. Contact your plumber to determine if replacement is necessary.


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