10 Things You Need to Know About Sewer Line Repair

Most people don’t stop to think about their sewer lines until there’s a significant issue that requires costly repairs. However, there are some things every homeowner should know about their sewer line. This can ensure that you can get fast and affordable repairs if a problem does arise before significant damage occurs.


Let’s discuss the most important things you should know about sewer line repairs.


10 Things You Need to Know About Your Sewer Lines


Here are some essential things you need to know about sewer line repairs:


1.   Causes of Sewer Line Damage


If you want to prevent issues, you need to know what causes sewer line damage. The most common include broken, cracked, or corroded pipes, extreme temperatures, invading tree roots, and pipe blockages.


2.   Preventing Damage


The best way to prevent serious damage is to check your sewer lines and plumbing fixtures regularly. If you think there’s an issue, contact your local plumbing immediately. Since most sewer line problems get progressively worse, addressing these issues immediately can save you from expensive repairs and more significant damage.


3.   Maintaining Sewer Lines


Your sewer lines are one of the most critical working components of your home’s plumbing system. That’s why it’s vital to maintain your lines. Hire a drain cleaning service, invest in routine pipe maintenance, and call your plumber immediately if you suspect an issue with your sewer lines.


4.   Signs of a Problem


While some sewer line issues are hard to detect, most are easy to spot. Running toilets, leaking sinks, cracked, buckling, or bulging floors, and foul odors are common signs that indicate that there might be a problem with your sewer lines.


5.   Hiring a Plumber


Most sewer line issues can’t be fixed on your own. DIY methods can only make the problem worse. If you suspect you have an issue with your sewer lines, you need to seek professional help and get the issue fixed immediately. Choose your plumber wisely, and don’t fall for cheap repair gimmicks.


6.   Repair or Replace?


When a problem does arise, is it better to repair or replace your sewer lines? This is a long-standing debate, but it truly depends on the intensity of the issue. A reliable and honest plumber will suggest the best option for your specific circumstances.


7.   Sewer Line Repairs


The most common reasons sewer lines need to be repaired are cracks, blockages, corrosion, and outdoor damage.


8.   Replacing Sewer Lines


The most common reason sewer lines need to be replaced is aging. As your pipes age, they can cause significant problems that can’t be repaired. Many homeowners also choose to replace their sewer lines as a proactive approach to prevent future issues.


9.   Insurance


While most homeowners expect that sewer line damage repairs are included in their insurance policy, they are not! Therefore, don’t depend on your home’s insurance company to pay for sewer line damage repair.


10.                Sewer Line Emergencies


Since most sewer line issues can progress quickly, you should consider any problem with your sewer line an emergency. Don’t put off your sewer line repair. Make sure to call your local plumber immediately for help.


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