How to Prevent Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are a significant concern for any property owner. They don’t just put you at risk of injury, but they can also cause substantial damage that results in costly repairs. There are several common causes of electrical fires. This includes:


  • Faulty or worn out electrical sockets
  • Outdated or old electrical wiring systems
  • Electrical circuit overload
  • Misuse of extension cables
  • Improperly installed wiring


Fortunately, most electrical fires are preventable. This article will discuss some tips you can take to prevent electrical fires on your property.


5 Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires


Here are five ways you can prevent electrical fires on your property:


1.   Update Your Home’s Electrical System


There are several types of wires included in your home’s electrical system. Over time, they can overheat, fray, and deteriorate, putting your property at risk of an electrical fire. Instead of waiting for an issue to arise, be proactive with your updating your electrical system. Replace outdated electrical systems with newer copper wires that are safer. You should talk to your electrician to ensure your new wiring is efficient enough to handle your needs and avoid common hazards.


2.   Never Ignore Signs of Trouble


Many times people ignore the typical indications that there’s an electrical hazard. You shouldn’t simply be aware of the common signs, but you should also be proactive in how you react. If you notice any of the following signs of trouble, contact your local electrician immediately for repairs:


  • Burn marks or discoloration around your sockets or plugs
  • Whenever you touch an appliance or a cord, it feels hot hot
  • Every time you plug in or unplug a device, you feel an electrical shock
  • Your breakers trip frequently
  • You see an electrical spark when you plug in a device


3.   Follow Danger Precautions Closely on Electrical Appliances


If you want to prevent an electrical malfunction, you need to read all the instructions on your electrical appliances before use. This is particularly important for larger devices like microwaves, electric kettles, and power tools. Discuss precautions with your entire family. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to prevent an electrical fire. If you don’t have direct access to your electrical precautions, you can typically check online for directions.


4.   Update Old Appliances


Unfortunately, simple repairs don’t always reduce your risk when your appliances are old. Worn-out cables and faulty wiring from old appliances can quickly create an electrical fire. This is because the insulation in these appliances poses a considerable risk. Worn-out cables and faulty wiring from old appliances can quickly create an electrical fire. If your appliances are outdated, it’s best to invest in an upgrade to avoid electrical fires.


Before installation, have your electrician check that your current electrical outlets can handle your new appliances. In some cases, power sockets do not have the electrical capacity to handle refrigerators, electric stoves, toasters, and other devices. Watch that your cords are not overheating.


If you hear strange noises from your appliances, your electrician should also check the wiring ASAP. Do not wait for these issues to progress. You should also make sure to buy quality appliances to avoid problems.


5.   Disconnect Appliances When Not in Use


Another easy way to prevent electrical fires is to unplug appliances when they are not in use. Since electrical fires can spread rapidly without warning, this is essential when you leave the house. Unplug air conditioners, televisions, kitchen appliances, laptops, and other electrical appliances when possible. If you suspect an issue with one of your appliances, contact your local electrician for advice. If you need a reliable Riverside electrician, we’re here to help!


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