Expert Moving Tips: How to Pack Food

Are you looking for expert moving tips to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible? One of the most common questions we get from our customers is how should food be packed during a move? Packing food should be one of the last tasks you do when getting ready to move. Let’s look at some tips to help you pack up your food pantry without any issues.


5 Tips to Pack Your Food Pantry When You Move


Let’s dive into some excellent tips to get your food pantry from one location to another without losing any of your food.


1.   Use Plastic Boxes


Plastic boxes are one of the best options for packing up your food. They aren’t just airtight, but they can also protect your food from getting squishes during your move. When you invest in quality plastic boxes, you can use them for other purposes once your move is complete. Make sure all lids are sealed tightly so no air can get into your packages. This will ensure that your food stays fresh.


2.   Use Aluminum Foil to Pack Open Containers


If you’re packing open food containers from your fridge, seal them up with aluminum foil. You can even place a sheet of foil between the container and the lid to keep food items fresh. Using foil between your container and cover is a great option for sauces and other food that can spill during your move.


3.   Use a Cooler for Perishables


One of the best ways to move your perishables is to pack them in a cooler. This will keep your items from spoiling. Coolers aren’t just easy to pack, but they can also be stacked to save space in your moving truck. While most people have a cooler or two in their home, they are also inexpensive if you need to purchase one for your move. You can also ask friends and family to borrow their coolers if you have a lot of food to pack.


4.   Get Rid of What You Don’t Need


Moving is a great time to clean out your pantry. Go through all your food items and get rid of anything that has expired. If you have other food that you haven’t used or don’t plan to use, donate it to a local food pantry. Before you donate, make sure to check that the dates are still good. If you can’t pack open containers effectively, get rid of anything that’s opened. This isn’t just a great time to get rid of what you don’t need. It is also an opportunity to get organized in your new home.


5.   Pack Fruits and Vegetables in Paper Bags


If you have fruits and vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated, pack them in paper bags. You can also wrap them in a paper towel or napkin to help them stay fresh. Once you’ve packaged them up, put them in a large container, so they don’t get squished, bruised, or damaged.

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