Charter Bus Safety Tips for Kids

While traveling by charter bus is a great way to relinquish the responsibility of driving, there are some precautions you need to take to ensure your family is safe. This is particularly important when traveling with children. In this article, we’ll explore some safety tips to help you travel by charter bus with children.


Safety Tips for Kids Traveling by Charter Bus


The following tips can help keep your children safe when traveling by charter bus:


1.   Find the Seatbelts


Whenever you travel by any means of transportation, you should do your best to find a spot with seatbelts if you have young children. Before you book your charter bus, make sure to indicate that you are traveling with children. Ask about seatbelts. Some buses only have safety buckles in the seats closest to the driver. If this is the case, ask the charter bus to reserve those spots for your family. This doesn’t only keep your children safe in the event of an accident, but it also keeps them secured to their seats while the bus is moving.



2.   Plan an Alternative


If there are not any seatbelts on the bus, plan to have children under 12 sit towards the middle or back of the bus. This can keep them safe if there is an accident. Sitting closer to the front can be dangerous if something hits the windshield. It can also be a distraction for the driver if your children can’t sit still.


3.   Keep Kids Close


During your trip, make sure to keep your children close. When boarding and disembarking, make sure each child is holding an adult’s hand. When the bus is traveling, make sure children are seated. Be sure children remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door and instructs passengers that they can get off the bus. You should also keep children close at rest areas and other stops to avoid accidents if the bus driver needs to move your charter bus.


4.   Bring Activities to Keep Kids Occupied


Keeping the kids occupied helps keep them safe and pass the time. Most charter buses have DVD players. You can bring a kid-friendly movie to keep them entertained and seated. You can also bring toys and games for the kids. Just be sure not to bring anything that will disrupt the passengers around you. If your children enjoy music or video games, consider getting headphones.


5.   Pack Snacks


This is another critical point to consider. While it might not seem like a safety tip, packing snacks can help keep kids contained and prevent unwanted distractions for the bus driver. Most charter buses allow you to bring snacks. Just be sure not to pack anything with strong smells that can bother fellow passengers.


6.   Check for Restrooms


Most charter buses come equipped with restrooms. Make sure you hire one with bathrooms to make an easy journey for your kids. This can also prevent extra stops where kids need to avoid wandering away from parents or getting near moving vehicles.

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