Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that can be found in a variety of drinks and foods. What sets turmeric apart from many other spices is its bright yellow hue. You may have heard of many drinks being made that contain turmeric. Intazza Coffee Mug & Grub in San Diego also has a delicious drink with this spice. Why is turmeric becoming such a staple on menus? It could be because of all the found benefits of this little spice. Curious to know what these benefits are? Read on to find out!


Fights Inflammation

Turmeric is known to have inflammation-fighting properties. Suffering from chronic low-level inflammation can put many at risk for heart disease, stroke, and other ailments. Consuming turmeric can help fight inflammation, for much better health. You can enjoy turmeric in a variety of tasty drinks, and know you are boosting inflammation-fighting properties in your body as well!


May Help Relieve Certain Pains

If you suffer from osteoarthritis or other arthritis pains, taking some turmeric may help provide much-needed relief. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties found in turmeric, flare-ups from osteoarthritis and other arthritis pains may be lessened. Studies have shown that in the case of osteoarthritis, turmeric may provide relief for stiffness and pain.


May Improve Skin Health

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, turmeric may be an effective aid in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions. For example, some of the skin conditions studies have seen that may be effectively treated by turmeric include eczema and psoriasis. Though more research is needed to increase the amount of evidence to support this fact, there is some proof this claim may be true.


Improves Liver Function

Some research suggests that turmeric has helped improve liver function due to powerful antioxidant effects that can stop livers from being damaged through toxins. This can be helpful for many people who take a variety of medications and may be worried about the side effects on their livers.


Can Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Curcumin, an active ingredient found in turmeric, has been shown in some studies to help lower blood sugar levels. This can come especially handy when it comes to the potential aiding in treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes. Turmeric may also help improve the condition of those suffering from prediabetes. Though there are also more studies needed to compile stronger evidence, this is a belief that has been proven by some studies done on animals.


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