5 Extremely Important Questions Everyone Should Ask Any Divorce Lawyer When You First Meet

Divorce can be a very taxing and difficult thing to deal with all on your own. Qualified attorneys are there to help you through all of the steps and get you to the end without as much pain and difficulty that could be there if you are doing the process on your own. Knowing things about your lawyer as well as things about your case that your lawyer is in charge of is important because your lawyer is representing you, and if you do not know of their motives, then they can not make a good representation of you.



Here are 5 extremely important questions everyone should ask any divorce lawyer when you first meet.


  1. What ruling do people in my situation usually get in court?

There is no such thing as a guaranteed result in court since every situation is different in its own way, but the attorney should be able to give you what a typical result of someone in your situation would receive. It is common, though, the more disagreement and arguments between the couple, the harder it is to come to a general idea of what could be the end result/ruling. It is important that you do not confuse potential outcomes with the estimation of the ultimate outcome since those both are very different issues and both can have very different outcomes.


  1. If you mention a specific question about any issue, make sure you ask your lawyer, “what does the law specifically say about this?

Knowing what is in the law itself about the topics and issues you have questions about is very important. Experienced lawyers will not have any issues answering these questions for you, and if they do, you should immediately find a new lawyer to represent you.


  1. Should I move out of the home or should my spouse?

This is more of a personal decision on who gets to stay in the home and who leaves. A good lawyer would advise you on what could happen if you decide to leave or stay in the home with the spouse. Some examples of situations where it would be recommended to move out would be in situations of physical abuse or emotional abuse.


  1. Is it possible to kick my spouse out of the house?

In this situation, you would have to ask for a court order to kick your spouse out if that is what you wanted to do. It is important to talk with your lawyer about this and create a plan and go through the process with them.


  1. How long do you think the divorce will take?

Your lawyer should have the experience to give you a rough estimation of how long they think it will take for the divorce to be completely done. It is sometimes difficult to predict how long it will take since every situation is different, but it is common that if there is more arguing and disagreement, it will take longer.


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